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*June 10, 2004

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Hotline: Minnesota, Duluth/North Shore
Date: June 10, 2004
Sponsor: Minnesota Ornithologists' Union (MOU)
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This is the Duluth Birding Report for Thursday, June 10th, 2004, sponsored by the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.

Bob Russell found two YELLOW RAILS in Pine Cty 2-3 miles west of the St. Croix River on Hwy 70 on the 3rd.

Jan Green reported a singing BOREAL OWL on the Skibo Rd south and east

of Hoyt Lakes on the 8th. Thirteen GREAT GRAY OWLS were reported in the

past five days, including seven birds from Sax-Zim along McDavitt Rd and Owl Ave, plus single birds from just east of Soudan on Hwy 169; from Lake Cty Rd 2, 40 miles north of Two Harbors; from 4.8 miles north

of Togo on Hwy 65; from the London Crossing area off Lake Cty Rd 2; from south of Rice Lake NWR; and from Lutsen on the North Shore of Lake


The Boreal Birding Festival in Grand Marais turned up a number of species that are unusual in Cook Cty, including two AMERICAN BITTERNS,

two SANDHILL CRANES, a SORA, a VIRGINIA RAIL, a MARSH WREN, two LE CONTE'S SPARROWS, and BOBOLINKS, all on Cty Rd 60 about 2.5 miles west

of the Gunflint Trail. A COOPER'S HAWK was seen on the 5th near the = end of the Gunflint Trail, and a NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD was at the Spruce Creek area west of Grand Marais on the 3rd. There was a singing WILSON'S WARBLER behind the Coho Cafe in Tofte on the 6th.

A few shorebirds lingered in Duluth this week, including a WHIMBREL that was at the ball field at Park Point as late as Tuesday, and a few

SANDERLINGS and RUDDY TURNSTONES on the beach. A YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD was at the feeders at the Wild Birds Unlimited store at the mall in Duluth.

The next scheduled update of this report will be on Thursday, June 17.

The telephone number of the Duluth Rare Bird Alert is 218-728-5030. Information about bird sightings may be left following the recorded message.

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