[mou] Frontenac State Park Blue Gray Gnatcatcher and an Eastern Towhee

H FERGUSON kinglet102 at msn.com
Mon Apr 23 13:21:14 EDT 2007

In the area of the Oak savanna restoration I found quite a few good birds.  
I was in a momentary quandary when I heard both the Towhee and the 
Gnatcatcher almost at the same time.  I finally calmed down enough to locate 
both of them.  In the same general area I also found numerous YR warblers 
and a single black & White.  Interestingly, I did not find any warblers in 
the campground.  All of them were on the mid-slope areas.  Areas that had 
trees above and below me.  The morning hike turned out to be quite nice.

Saturday evening I also heard six woodcocks displaying.  I couldn't believe 
I hadn't brought a flashlight to really see them dancing.

Happy to see back were the field sparrows, eastern meadowlark, RC kinglet. A 
Tom Turkey showing  off for the ladies was also great fun to watch.   There 
were no longer any  juncos.  They had been quite numerous on Monday.  I also 
saw a Sandhill Crane on Monday.

Heidi Ferguson
St. Paul, MN

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