[mou] Roseville Osprey Nest

Kathy Confer confer at umn.edu
Mon Apr 23 14:42:57 EDT 2007

I have been "monitoring" the osprey platform nest in Roseville for the 
past 3 weeks or so, hoping that the pair from last year would return. 
They have! For the last 10-14 days, they have been building, mating, and 
eating atop the platform. I sent my observations to Vanessa Greene at 
The Twin Cities Osprey Project and she has since gone to the nesting 
platform and replied with the following:

"I did get the bands read on the ospreys at the cty rd C2 nest and it is 
the same male as last year...PE and the same unbanded female. He is now 
5 years old and is from the Rice Lake nest in Anoka County." In an 
earlier message, she had also indicated that the pair had raised 2 
chicks last year, and that the most important info she needs from 
observers is when the ospreys start laying eggs (

I drive by the platform on my way to and from work and frequently detect 
both birds on the platform--almost always there is at least one, though 
I'm not sure if eggs are present. Vanessa would like to be informed when 
the osprey starts laying eggs ("one of the birds will always be sitting 
low in the nest, breast down on the eggs, rather than standing up"). The 
platform/nest is located on the Ramsey County Open Space Site at the 
intersection of Lexington Ave North and County Road C2 (across from Lake 
Josephine). The best viewing is from Co Rd C2. There's a grassy hill 
down to the platform; you can sit at the top of the hill, but should not 
venture closer than that. There's a sign posted about not disturbing the 
nesting ospreys.

Way to go, TC Osprey Project!!!

Kathy Confer

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