[rba] [mou] WHITE-EYED VIREO, Nicollet County

Bob Dunlap rba at moumn.org
Fri Nov 14 15:53:42 CST 2008

Around 3:30 this afternoon I noticed what I thought was a kinglet 
hopping around in the cranberry bushes 20 feet outside my office window 
at the Interpretive Center of Gustavus Adolphus College's Linnaeus 
Arboretum in St. Peter. As I focused my binoculars on the bird, I was 
shocked to see a juvenile White-eyed Vireo! I quickly grabbed my camera 
and got one photo of the bird (through the window) before it flew off. 
The bird seemed to be socializing with a small group of Black-capped 

Directions: From Hwy. 169 in St. Peter, go west on College Ave. Follow 
College Ave. up the hill to where it ends at a T; take a left at this T. 
Follow this up the hill to the first stop sign (you will pass dorms on 
your left). Go straight past the stop sign and then take your first left 
into the parking lot of the Interpretive Center (parking is free in any 
of the lots on weekends). Walk to the left of the building to the 
"backyard" and then look back toward the building.. There is a clump of 
Highbush Cranberry (with abundant red berries) adjacent to a wooden 
garden structure. This is where the bird was.

I will post a photo soon on the "Recently Seen" page.

Bob Dunlap, Nicollet County

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