[mou] Rock Wren, Otter Tail County

Dan & Sandy Thimgan thimgan at digitaljam.com
Fri Sep 19 15:01:38 CDT 2008

Rock Wren -- Friday, Sept. 19, 1:00 p.m.  Inspiration Peak, Otter  
Tail County

At the top of Inspiration Peak today, while lunching and watching for  
raptors, we saw a "wren-like" bird land on top of a fence post about  
50 feet away.  The size and light color of the bird caught our  
attention, it was too big (about 5 1/2 inches) and incorrectly  
colored for the expected wren species. The bird was very cooperative  
and stayed there for at least five minutes -- we were able to observe  
it with binoculars, and took photos from that distance.  Then, Sandy  
moved closer to the bird with digital camera in hand taking photos  
along the way, she got within 10 feet of the bird to get the final  
couple photos.  Exciting!!!  Sandy's non-birding brother even  
pretended to be thrilled.  ;-)

The photos were taken on someone else's camera, so we will have to  
wait until Monday to get them and post them to the MOU site along  
with observation details/documentation.

A beautiful day to be up on Inspiration Peak -- saw lots of turkey  
vultures, some Bald Eagles, some smaller raptors too far out to ID,  
and some tourists from Arizona.  Fall colors are just beginning to  
appear, so worth a trip up there.

Sandy and Dan Thimgan
Battle Lake MN
Otter Tail County

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