[mou] how birding organizations can sell duck stamps

Jim Williams two-jays at att.net
Fri Oct 24 16:00:23 CDT 2008

Everyone knows that purchase of duck stamps funds habitat for many,  
many non-game species. The stamp costs $15, and $14.70 of that goes  
to purchase or lease land for national wildlife refuges and waterfowl  
management areas (for the latter, think Marsh Wrens and Yellow-headed  

One way to increase sales is to offer the stamps at club meetings,  
annual events, festivals, etc. How do YOU sell stamps normally  
purchased from the government? It's easy. Here's how to make stamps  
available at any event where birders gather.

Call the Amplex Corporation in Grand Prairie, Texas. Phone #  
1-800-852-4897. If you provide information about your non-profit  
conservation organization, usually there is no upfront payment. The  
stamps come in packets of 25. Call this number to find out the simple  
details involved with selling stamps.

Duck stamps aren't just for ducks. Every birder should have one.

Jim Williams

AND here are some selling points to use at your meeting or festival:

1.        98% of revenue generated by stamp sales is used to purchase  
or obtain long-term easements for wetland and upland habitat through  
the world’s first, and still the best National Wildlife Refuge System.

2.        The stamps are the most successful and cost-effective  
habitat conservation initiative ever created. It is the single best  
way to provide long-term protection to rapidly and continuously  
disappearing wildlife habitat.

3.        Since 1934, revenue from stamp sales has totaled more than  
$700 million and has secured almost 7 million acres of habitat for  
all forms of wildlife, including birds.

4.        A $15-stamp, purchased annually at a U.S. Post Office,  
refuge, or from a salesperson selling stamps in bulk, will serve as a  
“pass” to all National Wildlife Refuges that charge for entry. Many  
federal wildlife refuges are in serious need of improvements,  
repairs, expansion, additional staff, etc. Buying an inexpensive  
stamp on an annual basis, and dong so for several people in one’s  
family is an easy and important way to support some of our nation’s  
prime wildlife heritage.

5.        Waterfowl hunters are required to carry a valid stamp in  
order to hunt. To birders, hikers, photographers, boaters, plant  
enthusiasts and all other users of our wonderful National Wildlife  
Refuge System, this stamp is almost a total secret!!

6.        In many ways the ever expanding numbers of refuge users who  
are not waterfowl hunters have been free-loaders while the steadily  
declining number of waterfowl hunters has done the heavy lifting in  
supporting habitat protection. This has to change!!!

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