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Thursday, October 23 at 7:30 pm

Environmental Change, Wildlife Health 
Monitoring and Species Survival
Dr. Katey Pelican

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Veterinary Population Medicine

Dr. Pelican will discuss how environmental change is impacting the health, physiology and survival of wildlife populations - and the importance of health monitoring in wildlife.  

Katharine Pelican has a diversity of interests in endangered species reproduction and conservation. She also is applying her skills as a leading researcher in an interdisciplinary project to conserve the endangered clouded leopard in Thailand. Goals include improving breeding of clouded leopards in Thai zoos, monitoring this species in Thai National Parks and training Thai personnel in zoos and National Parks.

 Note location: we will be back at the Minnesota River Valley Visitor's Center at 3815 American Bld in Bloomington.  The meeting starts at 7:30pm, but join us at 7pm to view the artwork, enjoy refreshments, and/or socialize.

Steve Weston 

sweston2 at comcast.net

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