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SCOTT MEYER scottandjudy3 at msn.com
Sat Dec 22 15:42:02 CST 2007

A male Harlequin Duck was seen from Point Douglas at 2:30 PM near the Wisconsin shoreline near where Doug Kieser previously reported it this morning.  It was also diving frequently.  A second Male Harlequin Duck was also seen at 2:40 PM, North of Point Douglas in Washington County, MN.  This Male Harlequin was by it's self approximately 100 yards north of the Point.  

Also present were many Goldeneyes, but the Barrow's was not relocated.  Ducks also scattered between Wisconsin and Minnesota were Common Mergansers, Black, Ring-necked, Canvasback, Redhead, and Mallard.  

It was fascinating watching Mallards catching fish, many to large for them to eat.  

Scott B. Meyer
Richfield, MN 
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