[mou] New birds for the year?

sue suekeator at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 20 07:11:01 CST 2007

Absolutely, Derek, your comments could have been written by me!  I do check birds off in my field guide, but don't know my life list total.  I start listing on paper every New Year, but find I forget to add to the list sometime in the spring.  I was truly "wowed" by the irruption of Great Gray Owls a few years ago, and driving north to find them didn't take anything away.  But since then, I would rather just happen upon new birds.  The acccidental bird that I remember best was a Whooping Crane flying in Florida, near HWY 75 two years ago.  Good thing I wasn't driving as I would have put the car in the ditch!
Sue on Melody Lake, Edina MN

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>Subject: [mou] New birds for the year?
>I started birdwatching in the summer of 2005 and finished the year  
>with 138 species.  By the end of 2006 I was at 215 and excited about  
>chasing after 300 and then on.
>But something happened ...

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