[mou] Varied Thrush north of Chisholm

Christine Olson olsonchristinemarie at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 5 12:55:40 CST 2007

Yesterday, I called the homeowner at whose feeder the Varied Thrush has been seen, and made arrangements to visit.  This morning, I spent a couple hours there, and saw the Varied Thrush numerous times.  He was beautiful!  In the sunshine, his orange feathers looked as vivid as a Baltimore Oriole's!  The bird hung out with a mixed flock of Pine & Yellow Grosbeaks, and they would feed off the ground under the feeders for a while, disappear for about 20 minutes, then come back to feed again.
  What are the odds that this Varied Thrush would fly into town on January 1st to be counted in the Hibbing Area CBC?  Oh well - I can wish.....
  If you'd like to try to see this Varied Thrush, contact Laura Erickson or me for directions and the home owner's phone number.
  Christine Olson - Chisholm


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